MILLBURY –There’s something to be said for tradition.

At Assumption School in Millbury, a small Catholic grammar school where students wear uniforms and the day starts with a prayer, tradition holds strong.

In almost every corner of the little Grove Street school, a different relic speaks to Assumption’s 90-year history. Tradition lives in the black and white photos on the walls, the annual Lenten celebrations, and the handwritten ledger of graduates, penned in a nun’s perfect cursive that still sits on the principal’s desk.

So it wasn’t out of ordinary when Dr. John Hoogasian, the school’s principal, found an antique silver decanter buried under books and boxes in a basement storage room – but it was curious. Engraved in French with the name “M. Israel Gagne” and the date of May 1925, the object piqued his interest.

The decanter seemed to honor an important person in Assumption’s history, engraved with the words “Champion Acheteur, 9,000 briques,” which translates to champion buyer, 9,000 bricks.

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